For the last five years i have been involved with various eCommerce companies. Responsible for the creative direction of the brand. Producing engaging ideas and designs for yearly promotions and flash sales. Creating campaigns digital marketing to help drive traffic and sales,  targeted landing pages, social media management, blog design and  content, e-book design, targeting customer engagement.

I have experience working with Magento 1 & 2, i  have produced WordPress and Wix sites for various companies.

Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is essential in any business, i have been responsible of the creative direction and final design on hundreds of email designs. Producing yearly campaigns Christmas, Easter, flash sales, and general promotions.

Web design

I have designed Magento 1&2 sites, wordpress and six, all have their different quirks. Creating a strong brand identity, clean layout and customer experience and get sales, is the main objective. Designing interesting product banners, promos, pages, retargeting banners, cart abandonment, customer journey emails and other website elements.

Social Media Campaigns

Engaging your customers is not an easy task, social media strategies are extremely important to grow your audience and spread your word.  At Tons Of Tiles i was responsible for the creative direction in growing the brand.  We encouraged customers to upload their end projects and ran monthly competitions.  This content gained Tons of Tiles 1 million extra impressions on Pinterest and grew Instagram audience from 150 to 5500 in 12 months.


Downloadable guides captures and audience and improves customer engagement, these style guides were very successful and were downloaded thousands of times. I was involved in the research, planning,  organising content and designing the final product.

Video Content

Video content has huge benefits in engaging audiences across social media and on websites.  Below are examples are from my time at Tons of Tiles, introducing these videos on product pages and instagram helped increase sales by 20%.

Ted Baker Tiles

Laura Ashley Tiles

I was line manager to Alyson for 6 months at Tons of Tiles. She is a fantastic designer with a flair for identifying current trends and creating graphics to suit. Alyson was also key in identifying new products to procure. Alyson is a creative through and through and this really shows in her work. She always had lots of ideas for new initiatives and campaigns across the digital landscape. I would not hesitate to welcome Alyson onto my team again in the future.


Sam Pengelly ACIM- Magareth