sacred cycles



Alyson Howard is a contemporary artist who lives in Devon.

Vibrant and captivating, her oil paintings are explorational journeys through sound, exploring synesthesia painting subconsciously.

An emerging UK commercial artist, being represented by Buckingham fine art.

 Fine Art Collections

View my latest fine art collection “Nefelibata”. Inspired by synesthesia and my love of music.  Listening to music triggers naturally occurring chemical reactions in my brain through the production of dopamine, thus a natural state of euphoria. The range of frequencies is depicted in my paintings, as I lose myself in a total sense of freedom and creativity.

As my journey through art continues to evolve I have entitled my new collection “Journeys to freedom”. My medium is art through music creating a visual representation of my subconscious mind; expansive and limitless taking the perceiver on a journey to another dimension.

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