f r a c t u r e

an artist is an

e x p l o r e r

orbital vibrations

contemporary impressionism

S a c r e d c y c l e s

oona dahl

ukiyo "the floating world" living in the moment

Alyson Howard is a contemporary artist who lives in Devon.

Vibrant and captivating, her oil paintings are explorational journeys through sound, exploring synesthesia painting subconsciously.

An emerging UK commercial artist, being represented by Buckingham fine art.

Energy Breakthrough

 Fine Art Collections

View my latest fine art collection “Wild and Free”. When I am near the sea I am happy. I have always been drawn to the ocean, it as always had a massive impact on my life. With its hypnotic effect, it calms me down and takes me into a meditative state. The expression, the freedom, the power, the ocean. My collection Wild and Free are expressions of my love for the sea.

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