A little bit about my art……

I was born in a  Modbury, South Devon and spent my childhood in the idyllic surroundings of Devon and Cornwall.  From a very early age, I have been obsessed with drawing and crafts, captivated by animals, beaches, and nature.   Traveling different cultures has a big influence on my work, I have a deep love for Asia, India in particular, the chaos, colour, shapes, textures and, smells; a complete assault of the senses.

I emerge myself fully in to my work, my art helps me get through the hards days life can throw at you, on the flip side, other days I can meditate and fully channel myself in to my paintings with a big smile on my face singing and dancing whilst I paint…… my art is my life.  I draw my inspirations from my vivid imagination juxtaposed with the natural world that surrounds me.

When I am near the sea I am happy. I have always been drawn to the ocean, it as always had a massive impact on my life. With it’s hypnotic effect, it calms me down and takes me into a mediative state. The expression, the freedom, the power, the ocean. My collection Wild and Free are expressions of my love for the sea.

I would consider myself to be a bit of a free spirit.  I love the feeling of freedom and always try to seek it throughout my life.  Birds are symbols of freedom flying high on the winds. My Free Spirit explores my favorite birds their splendor and beauty.

 I have always painted my favorite music, and music influences my paintings.  My Awakenings collection are my explorational journeys through sound, exploring synesthesia, and painting subconsciously.

My flowerscapes are influenced by my passion for India, the chaos, the colours, and textures. I use metallic paints in my work to help to create a bit of drama and movement, changing with the natural light of the day. My latest collections feature seascapes and abstract landscapes, exploring movement, freedom, and serenity.


My soul has always yearned to be free and I have rebelled against rules imposed on me throughout my life, as I found them to be restricting and felt that I have been unable to express my true identity.

I used to think that traveling to exotic places or getting lost in music at a rave would help me to find the freedom that I was looking for, but that was just temporary escapism and I would always end up back in the same place emotionally. Since I have left my day job it has given me a break from a fast pace of life constantly doing, to allow me to come to a place where I can stop mentally, into a new place of being allowing me to find the true meaning of freedom from within.

I felt a new type of freedom that I hadn’t experienced in years whilst I have been creating my latest paintings, freedom from the mind, engulfed by pure subconscious creativity.

Through my love of music it has allowed me to trigger naturally occurring chemical reactions in my brain through the production of dopamine, thus a natural state of euphoria. The range of frequencies is depicted in my paintings, as I lose myself in a total sense of freedom and creativity.

As my journey through art continues to evolve I have entitled my new collection “Journeys to freedom”. My medium is art through music creating a visual representation of my subconscious mind; expansive and limitless taking the perceiver on a journey to another dimension.