A little bit about me……

I was born in a  Modbury, South Devon and spent my childhood in the idyllic surroundings of Devon and Cornwall.  From a very early age i have been obsessed with drawing and crafts, captivated by animals, beaches and nature.   Travelling different cultures has a big influence on my work, i have a deep love for Asia, India in particular, i love the chaos, colour, shapes, textures and smells; a complete assault of the senses.

I emerge myself fully in to my work, my art helps me get through the hards days life can throw at you, on the flip side, other days i can mediate and fully channel myself in to my paintings with a big smile on my face singing and dancing whilst i paint…… my art is my life.  I draw my inspirations from my vivid imagination juxtaposed with the natural world that surrounds me.

My flowerscapes are influenced by my passion for India, the chaos, the colours and textures. I use of the metallic paints my work to help to create a bit of drama and movement, changing with the natural light of the day. My latest collections feature seascapes and abstract landscapes, exploring movement, freedom and serenity.

I have recently just fulfilled one of my big dreams; launching a new homeware label ALLY HOWARD.

My shop is an ever expanding range of cushions, lampshades and box canvas prints, bags and clothing.  Each design is carefully selected from my paintings: flowerscapes, seascapes and abstract landscapes. The products are something i am really proud of, they look amazing and are a beautiful representation of my paintings.  I will be launching Ally Howard homeware store on Etsy 2018 where i will be growing my ranges.