contemporary impressionism


"the floating world" living in the moment

An artist

is an explorer

Alyson Howard creates abstract art using manipulated paint effects with acrylic, oils, and metallic pigments. Her original mixed media art is popular around the world.  Her art is available to buy from various online galleries and exhibited in private galleries. All available art on this site is shipped directly from Alyson’s studio to the address provided by a reputable courier.


Journeys to Freedom

My medium is art through music creating a visual representation of my subconscious mind; expansive and limitless taking the perceiver on a journey to another dimension.  The range of frequencies is depicted in my paintings, as I lose myself in a total sense of freedom and creativity.

Back Catalogue

My back catalogue: an array of different ideas, experimental techniques,  concepts, flowing and semi conscious .

The Lily Pond

My Lily Pond Collection is inspired by reflections, colours, movement, light, tranquility, and serenity.

I love looking at water and reflections, it captures your imagination, hypnotises you and draws you into a meditative state.

Flower Escapes

Influenced by the Cornish countryside bursting with flowers, an assault on the senses. I find beauty in everything, architecture, colour combinations, patterns, textures, symmetry and the chaos.

A little bit about me……

I was born in a  Modbury, South Devon and spent my childhood in the idyllic surroundings of Devon and Cornwall.  From a very early age, I have been obsessed with drawing and crafts, captivated by animals, beaches, and nature.   Traveling different cultures has a big influence on my work, I have a deep love for Asia, India in particular, the chaos, colour, shapes, textures and, smells; a complete assault of the senses.

I immerse myself fully in to my work, my art helps me get through the hards days life can throw at you, on the flip side, other days I can meditate and fully channel myself in to my paintings with a big smile on my face singing and dancing whilst I paint…… my art is my life.  I draw my inspirations from my vivid imagination juxtaposed with the natural world that surrounds me.

My latest collections feature seascapes and abstract landscapes, exploring movement, freedom, and serenity.